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“Medialab Junior” was a project, that included three different types of workshops aimed at youth. During the workshops, young people, using open source software and new technologies, learnt creative cooperation and gained knowledge and skills necessary to become active creators of culture.

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“Medialab Junior Warsaw” were two series of innovative workshops combining new technologies and education, which were aimed at young people from Warsaw Youth Educational Centers. During the event, young people together with trainers (experts in the field) worked out original ideas, while learning principles of programming and working with sound thanks to available open technologies.

Arduino: doc  pdf  odt

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This project was meant to improve in an art of conversation. During the workshops leaders and participants created various stories inspired by pieces of culture, literature, and real facts from the history of Warsaw and Poland; stories that were told by a worker from the History Meeting House.

Methodical documentation: doc  pdf  odt

Stories by participants of the project:

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These publications are available under the Creative Commons license Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 Poland (CC BY-SA).

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