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Skarpa Warszawska, wyd. Fundacja Culture Shock

First in twenty years publication about Warsaw Scarp – its history, cultural heritage, present times an people connected to it. This books takes a reader for a walk through places less know to the public, and allows to discover Warsaw Scarp’s charm.

An escarpment is also a place steeped in legends and myths, Wars and Sawa, the Warsaw Mermaid, the Basilisk, the Golden Duck… Prince Kazimierz Poniatowski located his house of pleasure here (the Elizeum in Park Na Książęcem), and the Freemasons – their lodge.

Finally, the Skarpa is an urban public space shared by all of us today. We live and work here, we walk, ride our bikes, invest and build here. Unfortunately, too often we do not identify the escarpment as a whole, we do not know its history, we do not develop its potential.

Table of contents

The story of Skarpa Warszawska is told by…
Mrs. Anna
Aleksander Baszun
Jerzy Przeździecki
Piotr Szmitkowski
Małgorzata Devos
Anna Wronka
Wojciech Olszański

Wandering in time and space on the Warsaw Escarpment
Sławomir Błażewicz

The Escarpment – A Useful History
Joanna Porębska

The Warsaw Escarpment – On the Trail of Culture and Memory
Adam Jankiewicz

Once up, once down, or the curiosities of Skarpa Warszawska
Andrzej Papliński

Urban linearity as a challenge
Artur Jerzy Filip

The Right to the Escarpment
Paulina Jędrzejewska
Piotr Grabowski

The Warsaw Escarpment discussed by…
Agata Passent
Krzysztof Domaradzki
Marek Ostrowski
Andrzej Górz

Warsaw Escarpment
Collective work
Edition 1
Price: PLN 19
Concept and editorial supervision: Piotr Grabowski
Editors: Maria Żurek
Proofreading: Anna Lewandowska
Layout and graphic design: Olek Modzelewski (, 
Norbet Strukow (
ISBN: 978-83-942842-0-6
Book available for purchase at: