Warsaw Scarp Festival

Culture Shock Foundation and Warsaw Cultural Trail on the Embankment every year invite residents of Warsaw to celebrate Warsaw Embankment – an unique area of the the city of Warsaw. Over 30 cultural and educational institutions participate in the event offering many attractions to visitors: National Museum in Warsaw, Center for Contemporary Art, University of Warsaw, Polish Army Museum, Królikarnia and cafes located on the Embankment.

Culture Shock Foundation, a partner of this coalition, organized Picnic on the Embankment, and was also taking care of the coordination and promotion of the project. In the program of the festival there were cultural, recreational, and educational events – picnics, exhibitions, workshops, fairs, walks and others.

Additionally to various cultural events, a publication that describes Warsaw Embankment and its inhabitants’ history was released. A big number of specialists worked on this publication.

Organiser: Warsaw Cultural Trail on the Embankment
Cooridnator: Culture Shock Foundation