Once the 4 different energies meet, you only have one option: mix them and look what the experiment brings. This is what we decided to do together with non-governmental organisations from Greece, Slovenia and Spain. Based on the common values within the non formal education world, we combined our expert fields and developed a project: Skills4Teams – empowerment of staff for a better performance. 

Initiative co-funded from Erasmus+ Program KA2, Strategic partnership aims at accumulation of the expertise in educational methods from 4 fields: volunteering, coaching, entrepreneurship and digital education. Over years of functioning the consortium has established teams composed of professionals, visionary people with different specializations. Due to the multidimensional role of youth workers in education (oftentimes being both coordinator/fundraiser/accountant/coach/mentor/PR/promo manager/logistical support etc.) NGO employees are prone to be endangered with burnout. Therefore, during 4 short trainings being organized in 4 different countries with the support of 3 coordinators’ meetings, we will work on boosting the resilience, box of new competences and self-care skills of ours’ NGO environment. We know how easy it is to put the mission aside and work our tails off, because the deadline is hunting us. We were there. In the trainings’ content you will find not only the stories of the consortium but a densely packed box of experiences tailored to the personal needs of participants. By sharing it with our volunteers, co-workers but also freelancing trainers, teachers, managers and other youth work related persons we are inviting to reconnect the dots and build a new profile of the NGO representative. 

Training modules

Me and Myself

Recognizing your individual values, potential and how to nurture them.

Me and my team

How to create team spirit inside the organization and to not miss  the aims of the organization, how we can motivate one another to achieve better results

Me and my roles

Effective recognition of the target groups needs and how to measure the impact of the activities implemented 

Me and my organization

How to reconcile a social activism and entrepreneurial attitudes in an organization, how to combine values ​​and financial performance, how to create a long term strategy model for an organization

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Download training plan based on the project



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