Magic in process was a multimedia workshop series for youth, during which participants learned how to create a mobile application about interesting places in Warsaw. It was an ambitious experiment, precedent on a national scale and huge challenge. Two groups of participants worked together to create a common mobile application in the area of culture.

Participants of the project – divided into 2 technology teams – worked on individual components of the application: graphics, content and programming. All participants learned about the possibilities of mobile devices as well as practical tips for creating content for these devices – possibilities of mobile applications, market segmentation, different platforms and devices, all in the context of creating cultural content. The project ended with an open event, during which participants presented results of their work.

Application was dedicated mainly to youth, howver is can be an inspiration for guided tours around Warsaw.

The workshops had a form of medialab – where the most important part is cooperation among the participants and sharing skills and knowledge.

Workshop scenarios:
CC BY-SA 3.0 Poland Culture Shock Foundation


Paulina Jędrzejewska – sociologist, cultural anthropologist, producer. An expert in the field of creative use of new media and technologies in culture and education.

Sylwia Żółkiewska – designer, culture animator, educator, expert in the field of mobile apps for culture and education, author of publications “APPetite for APPs” (edited by N.Gryczko, publisher Orange Foundation, Warsaw 2016).

And Kamil Wdowczyk (spotkanie Game Maker) along with Mateusz Telega (spotkanie Reaper).