The nationwide “Let It Work” project offers multidimensional support to the 3rd sector: foundations, associations, informal movements and their activists. It is an answer to the problems of organizational culture in NGOs, concerning i.a. management, communication, psychological well-being of activists, which increase the risk of developing burnout. The activities are addressed to organizations (and people associated with them), with a particular focus on entities from smaller communities, working with disadvantaged groups of recipients: LGBTQ+ people, women, seniors, people with disabilities, migrants, environmental activists.

Let it work - let's act healthily website

The support offered will be available on 3 levels: 


For activists from different organizations 



For entire NGO teams



For everyone interested, involved in the 3rd sector


Individual level for activists from various organizations

Individual coaching

Short-term, solution-focused professional support process. Performed online.

Group Coaching

Problem clarification, goal setting, development of an action plan for self-implementation. Performed onsite.

Crisis intervention/debriefing

Support in a professional crisis, restoring psychophysical balance, enabling returning to/continuation of work after a particularly difficult experience, e.g. harassment, participation in street protests. Performed online.

Self-care workshops

 Support in identifying individual barriers to personal well-being in activism; providing basic tools for recovery. Performed online.

Development groups in collective care

Regular meetings of people from the 3rd sector. Knowledge and basic skills for sustainable teamwork. Performed online.

Wellbeing and Social Effectiveness Courses

Individual diagnosis and strengthening of psychological resilience. Completion of the MTQ48 questionnaire to measure mental resilience, work on the report during the workshop. Performed onsite.

Organisation level for NGO teams and informal movements

Development workshop for collective care in the team

Identifying the factors that support and strain the well-being of a particular organization’s team. Creating a framework action plan for team well-being. Performed onsite.

Comprehensive support for the organization in the process of change-

A sequence of support activities, breaking the taboo around the topic of overload and burnout. Performed onsite.

Supervision/facilitation for teams

Supporting organizations in going through team challenges. Performed online.

Consultation and guidance

Regarding the development of the internal policies: administrative, anti-crisis, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying, psychological well-being/safety. Performed online/onsite.

Wellbeing and Social Effectiveness courses for organizations-

Anti-burnout workshops on team effectiveness based on internal resilience. Performed online.

Sectoral level activities supporting 3rd sector

E-learning courses

For those involved in the NGO sector on how to prevent burnout, build resilience, communication, healthy collaboration.


Series of recordings including conversations about crucial issues, experiences of activists, functioning of the 3rd sector.


Interactive meetings for novice activists devoted to transferring knowledge and skills on a selected topic.


Interviews with experts, activists testimonials, inspiration, positive reinforcement, instruction.

Expert articles

Disseminating knowledge about burnout and remedial measures to be implemented.

Community management

Combination of support and working group (online) for open partnership network of organizations. Moderating NGO collaboration through the Let It Work platform, social networks and instant messaging.

Document templates (internal procedures)

Model procedures and policies available for modification for the use of the specific NGO.

In the core of the project will be an internet platform offering educational and advocacy materials and activities to raise awareness of good practices in the sector. It will include: e-learning courses, podcasts, webinars, articles, vlogs, document templates. The platform will also facilitate moderating cooperation between organizations, creating partnerships.

The project aims at institutional development of NGOs and strengthening activists by preventing burnout, creating a healthy organizational culture, improving management and fostering cooperation in the sector.

Project implemented with the grant from the program Active Citizens – National Fund, financed by the EOG Funds