Burnout Aid – an international project on burnout in non-governmental organisations

The Burnout Aid project is an unprecedented international action aimed at preventing burnout among NGO staff and volunteers. The action is implemented in the international partnership of Culture Shock Foundation (Poland), K-Zona (Croatia) and City of Women (Slovenia).

Having been active for many years in the third sector in our countries, we have had a chance to learn about the pros and cons, splendors and shadows of educational and activist work in NGOs. Every day, we see the great value that foundations, associations and informal movements bring to the development of civil society, how they assist in establishing a sense of community, fulfill an educational mission, and support those in need. 

We also know about the costs of such work and commitment on the part of educators and activists. We hope that our project will contribute to the creation of safer and friendlier working conditions in the third sector, as well as to the development of cooperation between NGOs throughout Europe.

Stages of the project

Desk research and qualitative research

An international study detailing the causes of the problem, its scale and its consequences – both for individuals and organisations.

Internet platform

A website gathering systematic knowledge on burnout, as well as presenting remedial methods. The site will include a test that evaluates the level of burnout in NGOs and tools for preventing and counteracting the phenomenon.

Inspirational videos

A series of video clips on professional and activist burnout, containing inspirations, answers to how to deal with the syndromes. The clips will be designed for both employees and NGO leaders.

Workshop scenarios

Tools to help assess and prevent burnout, facilitating the handling of the existing phenomenon. Prepared for educators working with NGOs.

Engage! If you want to take part in the pilot activities in our project (testing the platform, conducting workshops on burnout prevention in the organization) or to stay up to date with the results of our work, email us at contact@burnout-aid.eu.

The Culture Shock Foundation team implementing the project includes:

Paulina Jędrzejewska – sociologist, cultural anthropologist, trainer, mentor, coach and group processes facilitator . Expert in mobile applications for culture and education.

Monika Stec – sociologist, qualitative researcher. Since 2007 conducting social research on the labor market, in local communities, in the fields of: education, new technologies, discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices. 

Piotr Grabowski – lawyer, crisis intervention specialist, culture marketing specialist, social work student.

Karolina Pluta – trainer, coach, theatre pedagogue, researcher and performer. She supports organizations and institutions operating in the field of socially engaged culture and art.