Are you interested in culture, education, design or new technologies?
Do you think that art can be admired outside the walls of galleries and museums?
Do you like Warsaw and would like to actively participate in creating the city space?
Are you passionate about photography or maybe you are an avid filmmaker?

If so, welcome to Culture Shock Foundation!
We are looking for people of all ages, regardless of profession, competences and experience. What matters most is enthusiasm and willingness to act.


wspolpracaFor volunteers there are various tasks to choose from:

  • assisting in realizing projects (promotion, writing and text editing),
  • assisting in organizing cultural events,
  • translating texts,
  • documenting events (taking photos and/or making videos),
  • helping in editing Foundation’s website and Facebook.



If there is something, you want to do at the Foundation, which is not mentioned above, let us know. We are open to suggestions and will certainly find an activity that will be the best for you :).

We offer our volunteers:

  • participating in realizing Foundation’s current projects,
  • a training (in the beginning),
  • an opportunity to learn the functioning of the third sector in Poland,
  • personal development, gaining new experiences and skills,
  • space for career development,
  • references,
  • flexibility in determining work schedule,
  • a certain number of “talents” (local money for people registered in Community Exchange System) − learn more.


If you want to join our team, you can send a few words about why you would like to cooperate with us, which areas of our activity interest you the most.

Please send e-mails to: info@cultureshock.pl.