Tools in the work of a trainer

In autumn school always starts – as the words of a popular Polish song say. We, at Culture Shock, go back to school as well! It’s the beginning of our “Make it work – tools in training” project, through which we want to learn and develop innovative and interdisciplinary tools and methods of working with adults, gain and develop personal, social and coaching skills, and – last but not least – integrate our team. We will go to the Netherlands, twice, to take part in: “Practicing coaching” training this November and “Training for trainers” in March 2020 – . The trainings will be conducted by our partner organization Olde Vechte from Ommen in the Netherlands. We want to get the most out of these trainings (e.g. work with the body, use of context, theater techniques) in order to incorporate new skills and knowledge in our next projects, especially in the field of adult education.


Our partner, The Olde Vechte Foundation, has been operating since 1966 and its mission is to create an environment conducive to learning in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, care and cooperation. This organization addresses its offer primarily to trainers and educators whose needs cannot be met on the basis of a formal education model.


We intend to implement new methods and techniques into our training, research and workshops offer. We also plan to redefine and reinterpret the use of our current  methods and tools (e.g. the use of mobile applications in the education and training process). The training is to give us specific skills, but we see it also as a potential source of inspiration for personal development of the team members and the development of the Foundation as a whole.

The main elements of the project are:

Individual Development Plans

Individual goals of each participant to be achieved during the training and during the project.


Team Development Plan

The Foundation’s staff will set their group goals to be achieved during the training and during the project.

Two training cycles

There will be two trainings: Practicing Coaching planned for November 2019 and Training for Trainers, which will take place in March 2020.

Internal training

For employees and volunteers who did not participate in mobility activities, we plan to conduct internal training in new methods and techniques.

Dissemination workshop

We will carry out three dissemination workshops for employees of other NGOs, cultural and educational institutions  and socially responsible businesses in order to pass the knowledge and skills that we will have acquired.


As part of the dissemination of good practices – we will write an article and publish it on the EPALE, with which we hope to begin a discussion on methods and techniques used in working with adults (30+) from various target groups.